Basic (Beginners) Basic (Beginners) Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Advanced

Clicking on the levels you can see the specifications of each one.

Basic 1:

The student will be able to learn:

  • To introduce him or herself, and to give information about him or herself.
  • To understand and use “survival” verbs, such as “to be”.
  • To ask for basic direction information and comprehend simple present phrases.
  • To be able to locate him or herself.

Basic 2:

The student will be able to learn:

  • To shop, book hotels or tickets.
  • To speak with verbs in the present tense, and basic simple future expressions.
  • Express one's interests.

Intermediate 1:

The student will learn:

  • To use the past tense.
  • To locate him or herself in time, and understand subjects with regard to the climate and weather.
  • To make and explain his or her plans.
  • To manage easily in a trip.
  • To describe experiences in brief phrases.
  • To write and comprehend simple texts.

Intermediate 2:

The student will be able to learn:

  • To use the different past, present and future tenses.
  • To speak fluently.
  • To understand texts of intermediate length and difficulty.
  • To write brief sentences clearly.
  • To question and support his or her opinions.

Advanced 1:

The student will learn:

  • To understand long passages of text.
  • To express and support opinions, wishes, doubts or feelings.
  • To write texts of medium complexity.

Advanced 2:

The student will learn:

  • To understand almost everything he or she hears or reads.
  • To speak with great fluency and precision.
  • To write almost all kind of texts.


It is a class entirely of conversation, in which students can practice what they know with teachers or other native speakers, in the school or on field trips, sharing Chilean food and visiting museums and other sites.