Central Chile

It has a mediterranean climate with four very marked seasons. In winter temperatures are usually low and it sometimes rains. In summer temperatures of 38°C can be reached and there are generally 6 months of sunny weather.

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A trip to Valparaíso is very interesting, walking through its streets and museums, such as La Sebastiana, one if Pablo Neruda’s houses. When you get to know the city's night life and eventually you will discover why it is called “The Pacific Jewel”.

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A little more to the south, we find Chile's cowboy country, rich in traditions and fertile valleys which produce fine wines as well as good fruit and vegetables. Here life is quiet and slow in many places, and siestas are common after lunch. You can visit the wineries of the Maipo, Colchagua and Maule Valleys. This part of the Andes is nearly unexplored and the invite to discover them, for example the National Sanctuary Siete Tazas and Altos de Lircay, in the Maule Region.

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In Lota you have to go into the old coal mine “El Chiflón del Diablo” (The Devil's Whistle). Listen to its story, as told by one of the miners, it will amaze you.

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