"At the beginning God created the world and saw it was good. However, when he finished he realized there were lots of pieces left. He had some pieces of rivers and valleys, glaciers and deserts, mountains, woods and meadows. So he thought and thought .... eventually he decided to put them at the most distant place of earth. He blew the sand and formed the desert in the North. He put fertile land and valleys in the middle to let fruit and wine grow. The lakes, woods, ice and glaciers he put in the south, to have water reserves. And, once he had all put, he rested”. So Chile was created, one of the most varied countries in the world.

Bandera Chilena

Chile is a long country, which stretches from the Concordia Line in the North to the South Pole, a distance of more than 8 thousand kilometers. It is also narrow, only 90 kilometers wide at its narrowest point in the Second Region, and 445 kilometers wide at its widest point in the Fourth Region. It also has a varied range of climates, which range from desert to polar. The official language is Spanish and currency is the Chilean Peso (CLP).

Chile's economy is stable, literacy is 94 percent, most habitants are Roman Catholics and there is freedom of worship. Chileans are kind and hospitable to strangers.