Christian Braune, Berlin, Alemania

Christian Braune   ¡Dos meses lleno de sangre, sudor y lágrimas!
¡Dos Meses con Belisa Crepusculario, chancho en piedra y la ruta del vino!.
Y ahora estoy preparado por la comunicación en español.

La gente saluda a mí y las chicas sonríen. Y todo porque yo puedo hablar...

Y por eso muchas Gracias a Malva”.


Sebastian Fichtl, BC, Canadá

Sebastian FichtlDear Alex and Malva

Thank you very much for you effort in teaching me the basic in the Spanish language. Although we had only a few hours together, you gave me an incredible good start in the right direction.

Your enthusiasm in teaching is so inspiring that it is almost impossible to forget what I have learned with you!

I only wished I could spend more time here, but you know how us travelers are always drift my with the wind, always on the move however I liked it so much here, especially the relaxed atmosphere, that it is very possible for me to come back for a longer stay.

With all my best wishes und vielen dank!

Sheila y Luke, Toronto, Canadá

Sheila y LukeMalva y Alex

Luke and I made it to Torres del Paine and almost everyone understand us! (más o menos) Your lessons are great and we have tried to practice our verbs whenever we get stranded on a bus somewhere.

I now have the nerve to ask people "habla más lento, por favor" and am finding that I can follow what people are saying most of the time.

Your pronunciation tips (sayeeeeee!) are stuck in my brain and it makes a big difference whenever we try to talk to impatient bus ticket people!. But my favorite part of the lessons was the little city you constructed to teach us directions!

Good luck with your new Spanish school; you two are natural teachers, creative and funny!

"Hasta luego y muchas gracias"